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Spinn is all about
Sports Branding.

We offer expert Design & Marketing services for athletes, sports clubs, teams & fitness professionals.

Our process

It's not rock(et) science.
It's just movement.

One may say that a spin takes you back to the same place, or that you're running in circles. That is, in fact, so true! But not a bad thing at all. By spinning ideas and returning to the start point, this process allows us to take another look at things and offers opportunities for improvement.

As a result, we get to contemplate our work together and re-evaluate the results we have accomplished . You can call it quality control.


In other words, we don't rush. Think of us as endurance designers: we try to keep a steady, strong pace with a long-term strategy in mind. Although sprints are sometimes necessary, they're not our forte.

Why choose Spinn?

​We love branding! And we believe that in order to achieve something meaningful, it takes time, dedication and hard work. Just like in sports.

We also think the design process involves teamwork. It's about hearing what the clients have to say and guiding them along the journey so we can point the project to the right direction. It's about understanding what the goals are, planning ahead and finishing strong.

About Luiz

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Born in the countryside of Brazil, Luiz travelled the world to learn design. His professional expertise, combined with his experience as an amateur athlete, brings a different and enriching perspective to sports projects.

He is a fan of his son Ben, Thai food, bold espressos, chocolate, and Portugal, this awesome country he now calls home.

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